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Cardio With regard to Weight reduction Secrets

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Training which eliminates lower back pain

التدريب الذي يحل الام اسفل الظهر
Most people who increased their exercise pressure and tight horizontal bar exercises back in showrooms sports or sit on the seats for a very long time feel the pain of the upper back and the nearby always of the neck, and this situation always causes rotation of the shoulders (rhubarb Shoulders), and to solve this problem you need to strengthen the musclessurrounding this area, look at the pictures and try to do this training, which gives very quick results.

1 - in the first picture .. You sleep in the same situation and grabbed Balthaglin in the sides to wait to start training to be a neck in place of the average and not up on the latest distance.

2 - On the second and third picture .. Then pull of gravity as in the picture and secure it up for 10 seconds and then slowly drop down.

Try to repeat this training to three sets of 12 repetition. You can play in times of rest or during the training process.