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Proper nutrition: after Ramadan and during the day of the Feast!

It is important to gradually return to normal diet after Ramadan , and not to exaggerate the food in terms of quantity and quality.

Followed by those who fast during the holy days of Ramadan varies in diet and quality time with him in the other days , for a whole month . The lead changed diet after Ramadan to stomach problems and others. So it is advisable to continue to follow a healthy diet , which had been followed during the month of Ramadan , and gradually return to normal diet , ie not to exaggerate the food in terms of quantity and quality.

Here are some tips that help food to switch to a healthy diet during the day of the Feast :

Tried to main meals during the day of the Feast in times of close to breakfast and fast, and then near the dates gradually meals to the usual dates of your meals , it helps you gradually regain your normal diet .

The meal "heavy" for breakfast in a single day of the Feast common mistakes . Jaws get used to the stomach food in the morning should start eating small amounts of food and then gradually increase .

During the days of Eid al-Fitr , that focus on diverse foods and various candy and nuts between meals , starting from the morning of the first day of the festival , ignoring that the body may be used during the full month of comfort food , which confuses the digestive system . So it is advisable to maintain the dates of meals.

You should avoid extravagant food and remember the verse ( and eat and drink waste not by excess , he does not love the extravagant ) .

You should avoid eating too much fatty and fried foods . And advised choice of cooked foods. For example: eating cooked potatoes or boiled , rather than fried.

Be careful to drink plenty of water instead of juice and sweetened beverages that contain a high percentage of sugars.

In the case of the invitation to dinner , do not go and you're hungry , but eating meals regularly throughout the day until not befall you hunger and forced to eat large amounts of food .

During the day of the Feast family dealing with large amounts of meat with rice , this meal is addressed more than once during the day , bringing the amount of meat covered by the individual so greatly outweigh the needs . In addition to the difficulty faced by the body in digesting this amount of meat , the body does not need , in fact, only a limited amount of them and the rest is stored . And produces food for digestion of proteins in these circumstances , large amounts of urea and uric acid , which affects the kidney patients and raise the proportion of human intake of animal fats that raise cholesterol in the blood. Therefore , it is advisable to eat meat only once during the day.

Sweets are a special part of the holiday feast, especially oriental sweets diverse as Kunafah , Alktaev , which contains a very high proportion of fats and sugars . And result in excessive addressed to stagger the digestive system , which may lead to severe diarrhea accompanied by many other health risks . And multiply the health risks in people with diabetes , obesity and high blood fats and coronary heart disease . Therefore , it is preferable not to exaggerate the addressed despite the pressures of hospitality and pester known by our society, it is recommended to choose one fruit instead of eating these sweets or soft drinks , whenever you visit to relatives or friends. And if it was necessary , there is no bass from a very small piece .

Some find the Eid holiday a chance to excessive eating and rest and relaxation Ventabhm feeling lazy and idle , resulting in the long term to obesity and associated health risks are many. Therefore , it is necessary to exercise any athletic activity during the Eid holiday .